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The easiest way to keep all your Notes using the Cornell Notetaking Method on your PC, Notebook, or USB media.
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Cornell Note Taking method and AllMyNotes Organizer app

So named Cornell Note Taking method (click here if you need more details about this notetaking method) is a note-taking system is developed by Walter Pauk back in 1950's, and efficiency of this method was proved once again in 2008 by Wichita State University as such which helps recalling the material better than other notetaking methods.

As you can notice, AllMyNotes is a free-form notetaking app, and you can use it for taking notes using the Cornell Notetaking method. Particularly, we can advice two possible ways for doing it:
    1. Create a Table (use Edit -> Insert -> Table menu item), 2 rows X 2 columns. Then merge columns (use right-click pop-up menu for that) in the bottom row to place Summary there. Write Cues/Keywords in the top-left cell, and Notes in the top-right cell. You can use cell background coloring to easily identify Cues/Keywords, Notes, and Summary section.
    2. Whole workspace in AllMyNotes Organizer are split to left-hand hierarchy tree, and right-hand text editor. The concept allows using hierarchy tree for writing Cues/Keywords in the hierarchy tree, and attach connected Notes to each of them. Summary can be written as the last note in the hierarchy tree.

AllMyNotes Organizer - Features

AllMyNotes Organizer - Features

System Requirements:

Windows XP and newer - 10/8/7/Vista/XP, compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit systems. Works under Linux and Mac (Wine-like environment required).

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